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“For thus says the Lord to the house of Israel, Seek Me that you may live.” (Amos 5:4, NIV).

Seek God to Live

The verse from Amos speaks of God’s call to seek Him and thus live. What really does it mean to seek God? One could consider this to be an invitation to grow in Him and thus find life. The Word of God is simple in its assurance- everything will fall in place when we seek Him. Men of God such as David and Paul were consumed in their desire of the Lord (Psalm 27:4). What is it that made David desire God so ardently? A reading of Psalm 27 verse 8 reveals the answer. “When Thou didst say, “Seek My face, “my heart said to Thee, Thy face, O Lord, I shall seek, (Psalm 37:4). David inclined his heart unto God. When God wants His will, He places His desires in our heart, that our desires will be one with Him

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When things fall apart

It is when our eyes are fixed on our circumstances, family, work and social life that things fall apart. Fear and sight are opposite of faith (2 Corinthians 5:7). The psalmist entreats for the favour of God with all his heart that he may be dealt with graciously according to His word (Psalm 119:58). We too should set our hearts hard after Him and rest in His promises for Matrimony

To seek God is to Know His Nature

Seeking the face of God means that we are willing to face up to His nature. He is the God of holiness, love and faithfulness.

If we read Isaiah 30:10-12, it reveals how the people of Israel preferred to be comforted by false visions and prophecies rather than hear truly what the Holy One of Israel desired of them. They did not want to face up to God. The truth of the matter is that when we face up to God, His holiness and our weakness become evident (Hebrews 12:14). When you speak by the Spirit, you will say no to sin. Our God longs to have compassion upon us (Isaiah 30:18) and it is His promise that in repentance and rest we will find our salvation and in quietness and trust in Him, we will find strength (Isaiah 30:15). Our confidence is not in our flesh or our works but in Jesus in whom we have the perfect High Priest, Who intercedes for us before the Father (Hebrews 2:14; Hebrews 4:14, 15, 16, NIV).

To seek God is to Face up to His Word

Those who want to face up to God must be willing to face up to His Word (Psalm 119:11; 165). Psalm 119 speaks of the benefits of seeking God in the scriptures. When we do this we will be a people who will be the healing for the Chennai Christians.

To seek God is to Rest in Him

Our future is secure in His hands. Let the beloved of the Lord dwell in security by Him (Deuteronomy 33:12; Micah 5:4, 5). Paul in his epistle to the Philippians says, “…one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:13-14, NIV). It must be our heart’s desire to echo Paul’s satisfaction in having fought the good fight, having finished the course and having kept our faith (2 Timothy 4:7-8). We must be Kingdom people longing for His coming again, to be found by Him in peace, spotless and blameless (2 Peter 3:10-14).

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Fragrant Aroma of Christ

To be the people who belong to the God of holiness is to live as witnesses, such that in our midst He will be proved holy (Ezekiel 36:23). Even as we deliver the good news of salvation in our Christ, we are called to live by seeking first His righteousness (Mathew 6:33). The Kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking (Romans 14:17) and neither is it about mere talk. The Kingdom of God is about manifesting the power of the message of Cross in our lives (1 Corinthians 5:20). We must also seek to know His will for our life.

In Christ, we are called to triumph over our sins and manifest through our lives the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place (2 Corinthians 2:14, 15).

Copyright © Oct 2016. R. Rajkumar

Author: Mr. R. Rajkumar is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer. He is a Bible teacher and revival preacher.

Serving God’s Purpose – Bangalore Christian

“For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep…” (Acts 13:36 NIV). What a glorious way to sum up one’s life! Served God’s purpose! We have all been at funerals and visited cemeteries. But there are very few of whom it can be confidently said, “This one served God’s purpose and fell asleep”.

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Is it your endeavour to serve God’s purpose in your generation? Is it your desire to fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith? Then there are five basic truths you need to build your life upon.


1. A healthy self-image (John 13:3-4).

A person who is full of a sense of uselessness and unworthiness will never be able to rise up and accomplish anything of significant value. In fact, such a person will always be wallowing in self-pity and looking for others to serve and make him.

What is the picture you have concerning yourself? The worldly standards often seem to be beauty, performance and achievements. You must learn to see yourself as God sees you – nothing more, nothing less in Bangalore brides.

There are three basic declarations God makes concerning each one of us: that we are ‘lovable’, ‘valuable’ and ‘reliable’! By giving up Jesus to die for our sins so that we would not perish but have eternal life and by choosing us to be His children, He demonstrated that we are truly lovable (John 3:16; 1 John 4:9-10; Malachi 1:2). By being willing to redeem us at any cost, even the precious blood of Jesus Christ, He has shown us that we are truly valuable (1 Corinthians 6:20; 1 Peter 1:18-19). By entrusting us with the most sacred and vital responsibilities such as being the salt of the earth, lights of the world, witnesses of Jesus Christ, and ambassadors of Christ on earth, etc. He has clearly spoken and plainly assured us that we are truly reliable (Matthew 5:13-14; Acts 1:8; 2 Corinthians 5:20).

Still more, a whole new identity emerges when we believe in Christ. Now each one of us becomes a child of God (John 1:12), a friend of Christ (John 15:15), a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16), more than a conqueror (Romans 8:36), a saint (Ephesians 1:1), a member of Christ’s body- the church (Ephesians 1:7), and much, much more!

When we see ourselves as God sees us and accept ourselves as who we are in Christ, we will not need titles, degrees, positions, or possessions to make us feel good and important.

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Dare to be Different

“Will I ever make it?” “Will I ever get over this habit?” “Is it possible to live a holy life in this sinful world?” are some of the most common questions we as teenagers or youngsters ask Christian Doctors. And I want to tell you my friend that the Bible not only demands an impeccable life but also reassures us that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13).

You may be in nurse school, medical college or hospital. With all the peer pressure and the temptations surrounding you, you may be finding it difficult to live up to God’s standard. God’s standard is nothing less than “Be ye holy as I am holy.”

Now even while reading this, you may be at the point of giving up or you might be thinking that you’ve failed God too many times, I want to tell you something. Our God is a God of infinite chances. You might have hit the rock medical bottom but He can give you a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance but a real chance. Never give up, because the Lord never gives up on you.

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Now that you know you have another chance and have decided on living a holy life, Satan is right after you. He will remind you of how many times you’ve messed up and that you’ll never be able to live up to God’s standards. But don’t worry for the Bible says in 1Cor. 10:13, And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

However facing and overcoming temptations require discipline in our lives. Some practical suggestions on disciplining ourselves to live a holy life are:

Spend time meditating on God’s Word

Daily quiet time is one of the most vital parts of a Christian medical life. If anybody needs a quiet time it’s you and me. Many a time we neglect this and we see our life going for a six. This truth is very clearly put in Psalms, ‘How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.’ And again ‘I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you’ (Psalm 119:9,11). Memorizing scripture related to your area of temptation will also be of great help.

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Stay clear of your boundaries

There was a king who wanted a charioteer for himself. He called for a competition, where all the famous charioteers throughout the country would participate. The task was to steer the chariot through a narrow cliff. So one by one the charioteer came and to exhibit their skill, steered as close to the edge of the cliff as possible. Some succeeded, some didn’t. There was one man who steered comfortably keeping a safe distance from the edge. He didn’t look “cool” but he won the position as the king’s charioteer.

The point I want to make clear is that we need to be alert against the schemes of the devil. We know of our weak areas and we are not that smart or clever enough to deal with it by allowing ourselves to be tempted. Be self controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1Peter 5:8).

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The fundamental sin that is at the foundation of all others is the sin of unbelief. There is no breaking away from our sins without faith. Without faith it is impossible to please Him (Heb. 11:6). Have faith in Him who will bring to completion the work He started in us. We need to know who we are in Christ and the unlimited power nurse is at hand. The only way is to let Christ live His life in us and through us. Though we are weak, He is strong. No matter how many times you’ve fallen, know that ‘we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us (Rom. 8:37).

So go ahead, live in the world without the world living in you!

Copyright © Jul 2016. Cherian George

Author: Mr. Cherian George is an engineer by profession. His passion is for the youth and ministries mainly through music with the intention of bridging the generation gap.


Beauty from Ashes

Beauty is an inner character of a person. It is a quality of a person. Peter in his writing says that women should focus more on inner beauty as compared to outward adornment – ‘it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight’ (1 Pet.3:4).

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Ashes are a symbol of sorrow, sadness and heaviness of heart. It is an experience of lamentation. We read in the Bible during the time of Esther there was- ‘there was great mourning among the Jews, with fasting, weeping and wailing. Many lay in sackcloth and ashes’ (Est.4:3). So did the people of Nineveh during the time of Jonah (Jonah 3:4-6)

Beauty from ashes is incomplete in itself unless we have a clear picture of these first three verses of Isaiah 61.

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